Wednesday, October 21, 2009

My philtrum is throbbing...

So, I have a pimple in that little divot above my mouth (called a philtrum). It's been there for over a week, but it's just been this painful little bruised-feeling bump that hasn't done anything. I cannot try to *gulp* extract it, cos that would kill me. That's how much it hurts for it to just exist.

The solution? Clay mask. I have this Noxema stuff that's got benzonite clay in it which is supposed to hoover all oils or any trace of moisture from any pore it comes into contact with. So I dabbed a little on that spot. Now? It's THROBBING!!!

It started burning slightly when I applied the mask, but then it stopped, and now I can feel my heartbeat in that spot. I want to just wash it off, but I have encountered another problem: it hurts to touch even more than it did! Ack! So washing it off? Going to be VERY difficult.

I hate my skin... Help!

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