Monday, October 12, 2009


SO... this being my first post, I'll insert a little about myself. Other than what my profile on the side says, there ain't much to it. I love food, which this blog will hopefully mostly focus on. I'm determined to cook/bake more, and experience new things.
I'm a picky eater, but mostly only for health reasons. I am in LOVE with certain types of foods (i.e. Japanese) so you may get sick of hearing what type of, say, Sushi I had for dinner. It'll happen a lot, believe me.
The health thing. I can't eat too much spice or acid or fat, or I get sick immediately. So I have learned how to avoid those things somewhat and still eat the foods I love. Moderation is key, I've learned.
Outside of food, I'm very politically minded, tho not as in it as I would like. I'm kinda lazy when it comes to being well-informed. I'm very opinionated and can annoy you with the best of them with my views. I also read a ton, but mostly only for fun. The occasional political article or non-fiction story crosses my path, but I don't find them too relaxing so it doesn't occur often.
Lessee... what else? Not much really. I plan on just trying to post everyday, about food or whatever else crosses my brain. If you stop by, leave a comment. Tell me what a prat I am. Tell me how much you ADORE me! (Bwa haha!) Or just lurk. Either way, Bob's your uncle.
At any rate, thanks for stopping by!
The Food Monkey

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